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Services in communications

5G transformation

Enabling new experiences and revolutionise industries with 5G technologies like robotics, video analytics XR, digital twins and IoT.
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Application development & management

We will design, develop and deliver incredible customer-centric business applications and software that add value to your teams and company.
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Capex optimiser

A solution that allows telcos to better plan for and management the deployment of network infrastructure. The solution is being used in multiple telcos around the world with significant cost savings being enjoyed.
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Cyber Technology Services (CTS)

Design and implement market-leading cyber technology solutions to secure client’s digital environment.
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Data monetisation

A comprehensive platform that allows telcos to use their network data to offer mobility intelligence services to organisations like banks, marketeers, transport planners etc.
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Data platforms need to handle the volume, manage the diversity and deliver the velocity of data processing expected in an intelligence driven business. We have the big data and data science expertise to partner you as turn data into insights and AI applications.
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Enterprise AI

Improve time to value in the adoption and deployment of AI applications throughout the organisation to assist, augment and automate across the enterprise.

Experience and service design

Create digital experience and services to engage with customers. Made possible by cutting edge digital technologies.
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Intelligent insights

Unlocking the potential of data through analytics to assist organisations in making informed and strategic decisions.
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Hybrid cloud automation platform

Reduce complexities of Hybrid Cloud operations with automation and orchestration! Re-define IT policies, processes, and tooling to build a standardised operation environment to manage different workloads, microservices and request across multi-clouds.

Intelligent transport solutions

Modernise transport with intelligent solutions to enhance safety, efficiency, and communication across rail and road networks.

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SAP solutions

Learn how to manage your business resources and pursue innovation, powered by SAP solutions.
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