NCS code of conduct

Our code reflects our basic guiding principles and sets the standard for acting with integrity at NCS.

Integrity with governments

With a foundation on maintaining integrity, transparency and honesty, we are committed to complying with the laws of the countries where we operate. This includes fostering appropriate working arrangements with government entities and adopting a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of corruption or bribery.

Integrity with communities

We are supportive of promoting environmental sustainability and responsibility. It is our duty to promote and protect NCS brand by safeguarding NCS’ information and protecting our intellectual property. We also endeavour to communicate effectively and make a positive impact to the community.

Integrity with our clients

We honour the privacy and data of our clients and have put in place safeguards to protect confidential and proprietary information and data. We are honest in our dealings with clients and are supportive of fair competition.

Integrity with partners & suppliers

We collaborate with partners to uphold the principles in our Code. We avoid all potential conflicts of interest and do not solicit gifts, hospitality or travel from third parties for any personal gains.

Integrity with our people

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and conducive work environment for employees. We strive to promote meritocracy, non-discrimination and diversity and are responsible for protecting our people, assets and business.

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Our commitment to always act with integrity.

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