Published: Jun 04, 2024

are telcos ready to harness AI's potential?

In this podcast, Sami Luukkonen, Managing Partner of Telco+, NCS, shares his thoughts on AI and Generative AI (GenAI) deployment and how the technology can help transform the telecoms industry with Joanne Taaffe, Editor-in-Chief, Inform of TM Forum. 
Sami shares how the industry is rapidly embracing AI due to economic pressures and the maturation of AI technologies. He discusses the challenges and surprises encountered during AI implementation, such as data quality issues and regulatory considerations. He explores how AI is changing telco operations, enhancing efficiency, customer service, and network management. Sami also highlights the importance of adapting backend systems to support AI and predicts a data-driven future for the industry. 
The discussion touches on potential disparities between AI adopters and non-adopters in the telco sector and the competitive threats posed by agile startups unencumbered by legacy systems. Sami acknowledges the advantages of incumbency but emphasises the need for telcos to evolve to stay competitive. 
Overall, the conversation reflects on the transformative potential of AI in telecoms and the challenges and opportunities it presents for the industry. 

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This podcast was first published in TM Forum


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