we embed sustainability into business and digital transformation

We can change the way we live and work, create new sustainable business growth, and build a better environment and an inclusive future for all.

Sustainability at NCS

Sustainability is vital to building a livable and better world.

At NCS, we are committed to driving sustainable change and creating purposeful impact for our clients, our people, and our future. Our commitment to advancing sustainability is embodied in our NCS Sustainability pledge - to harness technology for good, for communities and climate, through rallying our people, clients, and partners. Together, we can build a better environment and an inclusive future for a sustainable tomorrow.

Our sustainability efforts, categorised into six key ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) areas, centre around Communities and Climate.

Our sustainability pledge


We harness technology for good,
for communities & climate
through rallying our people, clients, and partners

For communities

We invest in our people to enable them to build rewarding careers and empower them to give back to our communities. Together with our clients and partners, we chart the future of work where everyone can pursue their aspirations and thrive in the digital domain. So that no one is left behind. 

1. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI): We embrace diversity and equity, building inclusive workplaces and communities. 
2. Digital safety and human well-being: We prioritise our people’s well-being, ensuring safe workplaces and a healthy work culture.
3. People development and growth: We equip our people with skills and provide opportunities to pursue meaningful work.

For climate

We conduct business responsibly and ensure good governance of resources. We take climate action through offering green digital services to our clients and minimising our environmental footprint in our business operations and value chain. Our goal is to achieve Net Zero target by 2045. 

4. Environmental action: We minimise the carbon footprint of our business by ensuring sustainable practices and good governance.  
5. Green digital services: We enable our clients to harness technology to achieve their ESG goals through sustainable digital transformation.
6. Responsible business practices: We embrace responsible business practices across our operations, and adhere to high ESG standards.

How we can help

With our expertise as a service integrator, we can help your business achieve sustainability goals with digital transformation. Sustainability need not be challenging, let us help you reach your true potential.

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