safeguarding and securing nations

Nations need to anticipate disruptions and innovate amidst growing security concerns. We partner with governments to strengthen cyber defence and security capabilities.

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Services in defence

Application development & management

Our application development process will help you build enterprise-grade applications that place your customers at the centre of your business. Make your business smarter and agile with game-changing enterprise software backed by AI and machine learning.
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C4i solutions

Support the full spectrum of your C4i needs with our 5G solutions.
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Embark on the journey to become a Cloud-first organisation, guided by our expertise in a wide range of cloud driven modernisation. Embrace the power of cloud technology to deliver unrivaled business agility and innovation.
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Cyber Technology Services (CTS)

Design and implement market-leading cyber technology solutions to secure client’s digital environment.
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IoT services & solutions

From hospitality to hospitals, we’re engineering smart solutions with edge devices, automation, robotics and more.
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Modern data platform

From data fabric, data marketplaces to generative AI, modernize data platforms and data applications to bring agility, scalability and innovation to the management and consumption of data.

OneCare support

Anytime anywhere support that simplifies our client's maintenance requirements so they can focus on delivering maximum uptime for their business.
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Robotics automation solutions

Experience the forefront of robotics with our wide array of intelligent robots and comprehensive services, transforming industries and streamlining processes.

Video intelligence solutions

Experience seamless access to advanced video analytics and smart video analytics deployment across businesses of all sizes. From image recognition to object detection, customize and deploy your own VA models effortlessly on our all-in-one platform in simple steps.
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