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Developing our people through a culture of conversations and caring for one another.

Make your mark, be an inspiration

At NCS, we believe in the transformative power of mentoring and its impact on personal and professional growth. NCS Mentors helps our people achieve their aspirations and ambitions by leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience within the organisation.

We envision a future where our people take ownership of their future and are inspired to make an impact. Join us today and get access to all NCS has to offer!

Types of mentoring

NCS offers different types of mentoring.


Every NCS employee has a mentor who provides guidance and supports them to develop skills and reach their professional aspirations, caring for one another.

Reverse mentoring

Reverse mentoring empowers our junior employees to share their perspectives and innovative ideas with our senior leaders, promoting knowledge exchange and networking.

Mentoring for early talents

Mentoring for early talents taps on their seniors to aid their transition into the workplace and foster professional growth.

When you succeed,
our business thrives

We're creating an environment that maximises your potential as innovators. It's more than a job at NCS. From skill courses to having a dedicated career roadmap, your growth matters to us. Join us and equip yourself with the skills you need to excel with our various talent development programmes.

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