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80% of organisations say digital innovation is critical to success.

50% are unable to innovate as they do not know how to activate emerging technologies.

If you are a public sector agency, healthcare, transport, institute of higher learning, or non-profit organisation, partner us to tackle complex challenges with the combined expertise of NCS NEXT and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Together, let’s create a positive ripple effect that empowers the wider community, and even the nation.

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You want to approach problems from new perspectives and gain fresh insights into end users

You work to positively impact and uplift the communities around you

You want to explore infinite possibilities with a diverse array of technologies enabled by cloud

together, we'll turn your challenges into opportunities

With experts from both NCS and AWS at your service, you can reduce cost barriers to digital innovation, access global case studies, be matched to the right resources, accelerate growth and create high-impact digital solutions for public good. Here's how we'll make it happen together.

step 1

Through a discovery session, we'll work together to identify the root of a problem you face - the specific challenge we'll tackle on this journey. 

step 2

Then we'll develop innovative, cloud-enabled solutions that work across multiple technology pillars, to solve the challenge we've identified together.

step 3

To make sure our solutions work, we'll build a proof-of-concept as an experiment to test their viability and feasibility. 

step 4

Finally, we'll deploy a successful proof-of-concept in the real world, and scale it up to maximise its positive impact on the community. We'll publicise our efforts so others learn and benefit too. 

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We are part of a growing network of AWS Cloud Innovation Centres that spur digital innovation within organisations.

Contact us to explore a range of projects successfully completed via this programme.

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