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There’s a number of routes you can take to kickstart your career with NCS, but all these lead to rewarding careers in which you can make a real difference to our communities. Learn more about our Early Talent programmes - Nucleus (university grads) and 
Fusion (polytechnic grads) from the people who are already making it happen at NCS.

Software Engineer

Are you ready to kickstart your tech career in an extraordinary place? Where you’ll not only develop, maintain and improve on software applications, but also be exposed to stakeholders in discussions to better understand the business and system requirements.

Software Engineer Nucleus Software Engineer Fusion

Data & Analytics Consultant

If you are good at drawing meaningful insights from data and solving problems, then this is where you should be. Learn more about this role now.

Data Consultant Nucleus Data Analyst Fusion

Cyber Consultant

Could you be one of our cyber guardians? We’ll need someone with not just the knowledge and technical expertise of cybersecurity, but also a dedication to threat monitoring and vulnerability management.

Cyber Consultant Nucleus Cyber Analyst Fusion

Communications Engineer

If you’re a problem solver, tech genius and are great at managing people and projects, then this is the role for you. Learn more about this exciting opportunity here.

Communications Engineer Nucleus

Infrastructure Engineer

Could you help us build the networks and systems of the future? Come and deliver projects that impact the lives of millions and make a real difference.

Infrastructure Engineer Nucleus Infrastructure Engineer Fusion

sales executive

If you are passionate about people, sales and technology, then this is the role for you. Learn more about this exciting opportunity here.

Sales Executive Nucleus

accelerate your development with Nucleus

Our 5-year Nucleus graduate programme will equip you with professional coaching, technical expertise and industry experience to progress with purpose in your chosen field of specialisation. Through which, you could attain a Masters of Technology with NUS-ISS or other industry-recognised professional certifications.

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fast track your career with Fusion

Our Fusion programme is an integrated work-study programme that will equip you with future-ready skills in an innovative environment. You will take on a range of exciting and impactful projects, embark on an ICT specialisation of your choice, and gain exposure through OJT and job rotations, even as you pursue a degree.

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get a head start
with Ignite

Our ignITE Work-Study Diploma Programme is the ideal pathway for ITE graduates to activate a career in tech and gain valuable hands-on experience while attaining a diploma.

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internship opportunities

Gain real-world exposure, undertake challenging and relevant work through a variety of projects, networking events and other exciting opportunities. Develop your skills and get hands-on experience with guidance from our dynamic NCS team. Our internship has intakes all year around. Apply today.

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Chart your career

Discover how you can chart your career and elevate your skills.

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Jobs at NCS

Find available positions and join our multi-talented team.

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Mentorship Roles

Find out how you can advance your career in NCS.

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