what is the cost of doing nothing?

NCS NEXT Cloud FinOps helps you save up to 40% on cloud costs, with data-driven insights and continuous governance.

Optimise your cloud

optimise your cloud and save up to 40%

Did you know that companies spend billions of dollars on the cloud yet 30% of cloud spend is wasted every year? Fortunately, it’s preventable. Our FinOps experts can quickly help you identify cloud waste and optimisation opportunities, so that you can realise savings within weeks. What are you waiting for?

Custom reports

Make invisible costs visible. Access data quickly to understand cost drivers and regain control of your cloud costs.

Actionable optimisation

Insights in your sights. Get digestible and relevant recommendations you can immediately act on.

Continuous cost governance

Don’t let your guard down. Get notified of anomalous spend in no time and avoid bill shock with guardrails in place.

case studies

an industry-leading team of experts trusted by organisations

Results in record time

Experience the fastest turnaround in the industry, with our unique combination of human expertise and cutting-edge tooling.

Broad expertise

Collaborate with multi-cloud tooling experts to deliver actionable recommendations to optimise cloud usage costs.

Better and faster with a partner

Accelerate your FinOps journey with us as part of your team and a complete end-to-end Cloud FinOps solution tailored to your requirements.

begin your FinOps journey

Whether you’re looking to start your Cloud FinOps journey, or looking to validate your current cloud cost optimisation efforts, find the right package for your needs. Let’s explore together!

Cloud FinOps

Kickstart your FinOps journey to mitigate cloud cost risks with NCS experts and tooling.

Cloud FinOps +

Accelerate your FinOps journey with a custom solution tailored to your requirements including dedicated FinOps resources and framework implementations centrally managed by NCS experts.

(2 weeks)

(2 weeks)

Current state assessment Current state assessment
Advisory Advisory
Optimisation opportunities Optimisation opportunities




Cost reporting Cost reporting
Resource tagging Resource tagging
Showback Showback
Chargeback Chargeback
Documentation Documentation
Optimisation Optimisation
Commitments (e.g RI/SP) Commitments (e.g RI/SP)
Backlog identification Backlog identification
Implementation plan Implementation plan
Governance Governance
Proactive usage monitoring Proactive usage monitoring
Automated policies Automated policies
Framework establishment Framework establishment
Productivity Productivity
Team augmentation Team augmentation
FinOps practice establishment FinOps practice establishment

doing nothing can cost you more

Save your business from unnecessary costs and inefficiencies. Tap into our expertise and start optimising your cloud footprint today.

what are you looking for?

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