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Automated Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) reporting accelerates your sustainability transformation programmes.

Automate ESG

Today, ESG reporting is mandatory for all listed companies.

Market regulators require companies to file ESG reports. Shareholders and investors look to ESG reports to make investment decisions. These demands create a need for timely, accurate ESG reporting, which can be a complex and time-consuming challenge for organisations.

ESG Harvest offers an automated solution. Organising and presenting trustable and auditable data, we help set the foundations of your sustainability agenda.

Channel your energy where it matters most

Automated ESG reporting takes the work of processing ESG data off your hands, so you can focus on running successful sustainability transformation projects instead.

Baseline your data

ESG Harvest is a data engine that automates the collection and processing of ESG data. Get started right away on driving sustainability change initiatives with trusted and verifiable data to back your decisions. Baseline your ESG data and scoring in a matter of months.

Drive sustainability programmes

Through managed services, embed a team of dedicated ESG data engineering specialists to build more data pipelines and operational reporting dashboards to continuously monitor the company’s progress.

Design your own data engine

In addition to our standard products and solutions, we can offer bespoke professional services that are tailored to your situation and unique challenges.

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Run ESG with expertise and efficiency

Work with people, tools and solutions that can tune-up how you run ESG programmes and get you closer to your goals.

Right people for the right tech

NCS has ESG trained people, data domain knowledge and data technology tools to help you rapidly baseline your ESG data and jumpstart your sustainability programmes to achieve net-zero.

Drive savings and efficiency

By removing the need for manual data collection, processing and cleansing, NCS can help you save both time and money.

Speed up your sustainability agenda

Automated processing without human intervention, creates trusted and reliable data that can accelerate your sustainability programmes.

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