We are the trusted partner and go-to digital catalyst for governments across Asia Pacific, improving how people live, work and play, and advancing the smart cities agenda.

Building resilient infrastructure for governments

The core of a smart nation lies in its infrastructure. We partner governments to develop centralised ICT infrastructure, enabling seamless integration and connectivity. 

future-proofing mission-critical goverment systems and operations

Here are some projects we've worked on in the central government infrastructure and network industry.

Safeguarding and securing nations

Nations need to anticipate disruptions and innovate amidst growing security concerns. We partner with governments to strengthen cyber defence and security capabilities.

shaping next-generation education with ICT

Education shapes the future we live in. We advance ICT solutions to build engaging and inclusive learning environments for tomorrow's generation.

Developing solutions for smarter learning

Here are some projects we've worked on in the education industry.

Protecting communities and citizens

Rising complexities of crime presents security challenges in our homeland.  We work with governments to implement crucial ICT solutions to safeguard our communities.

Making safer communities happen

Here are some projects we've worked on in the homeland security industry.

Reaching millions every day with public services

By placing people at the heart of our innovation, we help governments digitalise the core of public services, empowering citizens to live, work and play better.

Building seamless citizen-centric experiences

Here are some projects we’ve worked on in the public services industry.

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