Cyber Special Ops

We defend against tomorrow's cyber threats through next-gen cyber technology.

Elevate cybersecurity with our bespoke solutions

Explore our AI-driven Cyber Analytics, and receive expert guidance on enhancing data security, including DLP and cutting-edge privacy technologies. Stay ahead in the digital landscape with confidence.

Cyber analytics-as-a-service

We develop threat detection models using advanced AI/ML techniques, such as deep learning, natural language processing, graph analytics, generative AI.

Trustworthy AI services

We review and identify non-compliance in accordance with emerging AI governance frameworks, guidelines, and best practices.​

IoT/OT & 5G security consulting services

We conduct threat analysis and risk assessment on IoT/OT and 5G systems based on industry recognized standards and guidelines. ​

Data security and privacy services

We provide consultancy on DLP and data governance based on people, process, technology. Moreover, we advise on design and implementation of advanced data protection and privacy technologies.​

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Services in cybersecurity

Cyber Professional Services & Solutions (CPSS)

We provide specialised services for security testing, cloud and data security, as well as governance, risk management and compliance.

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Cyber Technology Services (CTS)

We design and implement market-leading cyber technology solutions to secure client’s digital environment.

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Cyber Managed Security Services (CMSS)

We manage our clients' cyber environment to secure their digital assets through Cyber Managed Security Services.

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