Published: Feb 16, 2023

elevating tenants' experience and protecting communities round-the-clock

Enabling surveillance, control and operation optimisation in a single all-encompassing system

To support JTC’s digitalisation and sustainability journey, NCS incorporated a state-of-the-art Integrated Operation Centre (IOC) in JTC’s. Through cameras, sensors and communications equipment, the operation team can swiftly assist the tenants and communities in times of need. The system also enables one-north to improve situation awareness within the area and achieve greater operational efficiency through streamline workflows.

The challenge:

To improve security and operational efficiency, JTC requires a system that unifies operational control of all devices and applications to reduce management complexity, enhance awareness, improve decision-making and augment collaboration between the ops team and ground staff while elevating its tenant’s experience.

The solution:

NCS developed a system that correlates complex multi-variate events to enable faster execution and reduce the need for manual intervention – A “People-Process-Technology” framework to automate and efficiently manage multiple silo-building operational systems into a smart centralised platform with mobile dispatch capabilities on-the-go and automated SOPs. It also leverages advanced data analytics to resolve congestion during peak hours by deterring illegal parking at the drop-off point with first-of-a-kind digital signage to warn drivers who stop more than 5 mins.

The impact:

  • Provided seamless data communications via super high-speed connectivity, which covers over 200 hectares, 7 clusters and 27 buildings - with a secondary disaster recovery centre to ensure business continuity.
  • Enabled a state-of-the-art C3 Platform with a mobile application to support communications between IOC and ground staff - 24/7 CCTV surveillance to detect abnormalities. 
  • Set up an automated optimisation system including handicap friendly visitor e-concierge system that allows visitors to easily register and enter the secured zone within 30 seconds.
  • Managed over 100 sub-systems (e.g. surveillance and operation management in a single all-embracing system) to provide real-time situation awareness to deter illegal parking & gathering, loitering, intrusion and unidentified objects, etc.

Photo Credit: JTC website

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