Published: May 15, 2024

connecting citizens abroad seeking assistance from their local agency through smart channels

Citizens facing distress abroad can now get support through a 24-hour hotline, a mobile app or an online form. Collaborating with NCS, our client expanded its contact centre to facilitate omnichannel communications, including phone calls, data calls, voicemails, emails, SMS, and instant messaging with rich media engagement. The introduction of smart services like WeChat assistance hotline and live Chatbots enhances the efficiency of communications by providing continuous support to citizens anytime and anywhere. Additionally, AI technologies such as automatic speech recognition and call analysis contribute to reduce response time. The inclusion of WeChat assistance in the Agency's official account and live Chatbot via the mobile application enabled citizens abroad now to seek assistance seamlessly, ensuring swift and convenient access to the support they needed.

The challenge:

IT transformation – modernise legacy system and refresh technology stack to improve capacity, integrate smart technologies to enhance operational efficiency and meet the increasing service demands.

The solution:

Developed a new Contact Centre with Omni-channel, Unified Case Management System embedded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mobile Apps to support Data & Video call, IM, Chatbot and e-Form for citizens in distress abroad to seek help via various channels.

Snapshot of capabilities:

  • Omni-Channel Contact Centre, Dynamic Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Live Monitoring & Reporting, AI Chatbot & Analytics and Advanced Data Monitoring, e-Form

The impact: 

  • Enabled the Agency to provide omni-channel support by added new contact channels and chatbot to provide help to residents in need (anytime, anywhere).
  • Leveraged digital technologies, enabled automation to reduce call centre manpower, improve operation and service efficiency.  

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