Published: Sep 09, 2021

protecting communities around the clock

Projecting Police presence to enhance public safety 

Members of the public may need police assistance in parks and remote areas where police officers are not immediately present. NCS worked with the Singapore Police Force to deliver the Police Beacon: a contemporary ‘police box’ integrating cameras, sensors and communications technology, providing the public with real-time access to the Police in times of emergencies, and assistance before Police Officers arrive at the scene. 

The challenge:

As Singapore moves to provide more and more public parks and spaces for play, its citizens are spending more time out and about – meaning the chances of someone needing assistance are also increasing. But it’s not feasible for police officers to be everywhere, all the time. 

The solution:

NCS collaborated with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) – to bring a real-time, 24/7 police presence to public places in the form of the Police Beacon. Through cameras, sensors and communications equipment, the Police Beacon helps members of the public connect to the police quickly and directly during times of emergencies, enabling the police to provide information and assistance remotely. NCS worked alongside SPF and HTX as the key partner for technology, fabrication, configuration, testing, and commissioning. 

Snapshot of capabilities: 

  • Communications access to Police services during emergencies 

  • Real-time video footage to enhance sense-making 

  • Remote access to blinkers, sirens, floodlights and speakers which serve as interim intervention options to provide assistance before Police officers arrive 

The impact:

The Police Beacon is just one of the many ways the Singapore Police Force is exploring and adapting new technologies to achieve its vision of making Singapore the safest place in the world. In operation 24/7, it serves as a visible projection of police presence while enhancing public safety. 

“While the various technologies mounted on the Police Beacon are not new, this is the first time we are pulling them together into one single platform…Throughout this process, the team remained focused on the key intent of the Police Beacon – to allow the Police to better serve the public.” 

Lionel Lee, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Operations Department

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