Future trends

Explore our five Future Trends that will impact every aspect of our lives and will inspire the innovations that help us advance our communities

Identifying forces shaping tomorrow

Explore trends that are redefining the future, charting how technological, environmental and societal forces could transform our communities.
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Get up to speed on the exponential tech acceleration

Technologies like Cloud, 5G and AI, could evolve to new forms, as data and intelligence become increasingly integrated into our lives. Learn how to respond and adapt to technological innovations revolutionising our industries and communities now.

Are enterprises drowning in data?

How technology is reshaping the role of the IT department?

Spot the vital signs of healthcare’s progress

From remote health, to personalised medicine, to digital health and more, discover the tremendous impact that such technological advances in healthcare will make on our lives, the industry and beyond.

Meeting the needs of senior citizens in the digital age

Can robots really save healthcare?

How Big Data is Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Find the right plan for a sustainable future

Between now and 2040, the world is likely to increase its energy consumption by 30%. As a global community, we’ve known about the damaging effects of our habits for the last 50 years, but how do we go about changing it? we’re turning to technology and renewable energy solutions, to roll out 3 phases of sustainability transformations.

How hyper-digitilisation is taking shape across sectors

How do we build ethical AI?

How Australia’s expanding tech sector is creating new business opportunities in 5g and cloud

Building blocks for bigger and better future cities

By 2040, it’s predicted there will be 2 billion more people on the planet, and more than 70% of them will be looking at moving into cities or relocating in general. It’s a shift that is going to affect the world, and how we live. Asking more of the right questions today, will help us answer how this affects key areas like housing, transport, and security, and where technologies like digital twin and advanced analytics can come in to lay the foundations and transform the landscape of our spaces.

Putting citizen experience at the heart of government services

What is the future of urban transportation?

Smart at scale — A sustainable approach to urban development

Invest in the economy of the future

As modern globalisation becomes more prevalent, we can expect to see new economic booms by 2040 – powered by new technological advancements in commerce and trade. Which is why we have focused our energy on preparing for what lies ahead, like building secure payment infrastructures and cross-border transaction platforms, to name a few. The more we build today, the simpler our transition to a modern economy will be tomorrow.

A world without cash — Is it possible?

Powering stores of the future with smart video analytics

Connected buildings: Key to the future of work and public places

Shaping the future with government and enterprise transformation

From healthcare to media & technology, we help various industries harness innovation and digital technology to power their future.

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