DevSecOps in AWS Cloud

NCS provides AWS certified expertise to help enterprises with DevSecOps cloud transformation to improve cost savings and performance

Systematic Approach to Adoption of DevSecOps

When developing DevSecOps solution, one needs to understand the customer's environment, their current processes and the expectations from the implementation. In NCS, we believe that implementing DevSecOps solution is a culture change in development practices. Customer needs to adapt to this change to take full advantage of this implementation.


Migrating DevSecOps to AWS Cloud to Reduce Cost

Enterprises are shifting from DevOps to DevSecOps. This security-centric approach to application development creates transparency, process governance, mitigation of vulnerabilities and responsiveness to deviations. The DevSecOps model covers security elements and continuous improvements and development (CI/CD) of the pipeline, which includes automation and auditing of security operations. To this end, organisations can embed security knowledge, application know-how and automate processes to create security at scale.

Setting up a scalable and resilient IT system is an expensive endeavour that comes with building and maintaining physical infrastructure. To circumnavigate these time-consuming activities and high cost, enterprises can implement DevSecOps cybersecurity in AWS cloud services. Teams can focus their energy and resources to building secure, high-performing applications to meet market demands. To support the migration of the DevSecOps pipeline to the cloud, NCS has partnered Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What does AWS DevSecOps offer?

  • Orchestration of continuous delivery: Quick build and deployment of the application
  • Continuous Improvement/Continuous Development (CI/CD): A managed service that enables automatic builds, testing and deployment
  • Build management: Set up multiple builds and run unit tests concurrently to avoid backlogs
  • Version control: Utilise a git-based version control system
  • Code deployment: Automate code deployment to Amazon EC2 or on-premise
  • Configuration management: A configuration service that helps you operate applications using Chef
  • Scalability: Deploy and scale web applications and services

AWS DevSecOps Cloud Products

In support of your cloud transformation journey, NCS provides end-to-end implementation of AWS products.

  • AWS Codepipeline
  • AWS Cloudwatch Alarm
  • AWS Cloudtrail
  • AWS Lambada
  • AWS Config
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Cloudformation

AWS Cloud Transformation Consulting Partner in Singapore

In partnership with AWS cloud services, NCS offers AWS trained technologists and certified professionals in DevSecOps to derive the most value from your cloud transformation.

  • Solutions Architect - Professional
  • Developer - Associate
  • SysOps - Associate
  • Security - Specialty

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