expand your opportunities with Fusion

Boost your poly skills with real-world training, mentorship and a sponsored degree.

Fast-track your career with fusion

Boost your career at NCS with an integrated work-study program through a Study Award. Explore exciting projects, choose an ICT specialisation, and gain on-the-job training while pursuing your degree. Discover the possibilities of Fusion—a 3 to 4-year program shaping skills for today and tomorrow.

Pursue a unique integrated work and study programme

Get on-the-job trainings and job rotations in impactful projects and regional work

Specialise in an ICT field of your choice through an apprenticeship programme

Accelerate your career while pursuing a part time degree from a recognised university

Amplify your growth prospects with fusion

First 3 months
Bootcamp. Build your foundation.

Kickstart your Fusion journey with a bootcamp. Build your foundational skills and network with likeminded associates.

  • Software Engineering
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics
First to third year
Gain practical work experience. Enrol into a degree.

Be exposed to challenging and impactful projects to build your foundational skillsets and embark on your degree of choice. Options include: 

  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Digital Systems Security / Big Data)
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing
From fourth year
Deepen your specialisation.

Gain strong industry experience, attain a recognised degree in technology and continue to grow in NCS.

Learn more about Fusion from the people who are already making it happen at NCS. Watch Day-in-the-life videos here.

be part of the extraordinary

Chart your path, design your future. Explore what’s possible with Fusion.

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