Published: Jun 25, 2024

vehicle technology cybersecurity assessment

The lack of established international vehicle security standards posed a significant challenge to mitigating cybersecurity risks in connected and autonomous vehicles. To address this issue, NCS developed the first security assessment framework and evaluated suitability of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tools for cybersecurity testing of connected vehicles in Singapore.

The challenge:

When connected vehicles first came into the market, the growing associated cybersecurity risks posed a significant challenge, as there were no established international vehicle security standards that could be adopted as a regulatory framework by vehicle OEMs and developers.

The solution:

NCS pioneered the first cybersecurity framework for auditing connected vehicles. We also conducted a comprehensive evaluation of commercially available cybersecurity testing tools for connected vehicles to gain a deeper understanding of the market landscape.

The impact:

This pioneering cybersecurity framework establishes a foundational benchmark to further improve and develop more comprehensive cybersecurity best practices in the automotive industry. This includes the realm of emerging electric and autonomous vehicles, with the overarching goal of contributing to a nation that is both smarter and safer. 

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