Published: Jun 09, 2022

transforming the tech behind marine port clearance

NCS partnered with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to launch a digital platform that serves as a single portal for all port related documentations. This has helped create a greater user experience, and a safer, more efficient port. To date, an estimated savings of 100,000 manhours have been achieved by industry. 

The challenge:

Prior to the implementation of MPA’s digitalPORT@SGTM, up to 16 forms for port clearance were submitted to three government agencies separately through their respective digital portals. This resulted in repetitive data entry and duplicate sets of documents submitted by the port users. Furthermore, the coordination between the three agencies on the clearance statuses was done through separate systems and workflows, which could result in delays to a ship’s arrival or departure.

The solution:

MPA partnered NCS to deploy digitalPORT@SGTM, a single and seamless portal for all port-related documentation, to be used by multiple agencies and maritime industry stakeholders, and which complies with the government’s requirement.

Snapshot of capabilities:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Micro-services Architecture
  • Platform
  • Dashboard
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) 

The impact:

MPA’s digitalPORT@SGTM simplifies the submission of port clearance to MPA, ICA and NEA for all arriving and departing ships through a single platform and streamlines 16 different forms into one simplified submission. Since the launch of its first phase in 2019, the shipping community has saved 100,000 hours per annum, thanks to faster and simpler submission of port clearance documents.

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