Published: Jan 11, 2024

securing healthcare patients’ data & devices

Synapxe partnered with NCS and Menlo Security to implement an Internet Virtual Browser. This would secure the public healthcare users' internet access, enabling them to securely access critical applications while safeguarding their devices from harmful websites and applications. NCS & Menlo Security successfully transitioned Synapxe from its existing provider to the new solution, providing enhanced features and achieving Synapxe's goals within a three-week timeframe, from proposal to agreement and delivery.

The challenge:

Synapxe is accountable for the cybersecurity across various healthcare groups operating in multiple hospitals and clinics. They required a comprehensive IVB quickly as the previous provider's solution lacked essential features and security frameworks.

The solution:

NCS and Menlo Security collaborated to create an IVB that met Synapxe’s stringent requirements and enhanced their browser security posture. The web browser isolation was successfully deployed across all public healthcare sectors within 11 days, which is significantly faster than the typical 3-month timeframe. This rapid implementation allows Synapxe to continue safeguarding our national healthcare ecosystem with heightened efficiency and an improved user experience.

The impact:

Synapxe’s users have reported a substantial enhancement in their web browsing experience, with a significant boost in productivity since the implementation. This improvement is particularly noticeable during peak hours where scalability issues are no longer a concern. 67,000 end users can now enjoy new features without disruption.

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