Published: May 15, 2024

pharmacy of the future: precision & automation – where it counts

Enabling hospital pharmacists to handle high prescription load safely and efficiently is key to a hospital’s operations. Both Synapxe and NCS, through partnership with business users and various hardware vendors, developed an intelligent automated pharmacy workflow engine to intelligently automate and optimise the right parts of the prescription-filling process, freeing medical professionals to better focus on patient care. 

The challenges

Synapxe plays a key role in helping public institutions transform healthcare by adopting multi-disciplinary technologies to automate and deliver more efficient workflow. It is constantly looking for ways to refresh the frontline healthcare systems and offer more innovative services to the hospitals and the community.

The solution:

NCS partnered with Synapxe, other business users and various hardware vendors to develop the OPAS – a complete end-to-end system integrating seven multi-disciplinary technologies, robotics and intelligent optimisation. This solution orchestrates the entire prescription filling process in the pharmacy including picking, packing, labelling, assembling and dispensing and verification of drugs. 

Snapshot of capabilities:

  • Intelligent optimisation engine routes orders to automated and manual workstations
  • Configurable workflow set-up
  • Includes full interface to hardware technologies, such as robotic arms, conveyers, and more

The impact:

The OPAS automates 80% of the medication dispensing workflow, saving hospitals significant manhours to redeploy staff to serve more patients at counters. The system also improves manual picking accuracy for drugs (improving medication safety and decreasing rework by two-thirds) and achieves high stock retraceability.

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