Published: Jul 22, 2022

one of a kind vessel height monitoring and measurement system

The Vessel Height Measurement System 4 (VHMS4) is a fully automated system which provides detection, tracking and height measurement of passing sea vessels along the straits. The one-of-a-kind system provides real-time height information of vessels to the air traffic control centre to warn low-flying aircraft approaching and departing the airports – collision avoidance.

The challenge

To reduce the risk of collision of low-flying aircraft approaching and departing the airports, CAAS took steps to ensure the air traffic control centre receives precise information to warn low-flying aircraft of tall vessels near the airport. They required a solution to provide accurate real-time information on vessel height within the straits of the airports.

The solution

We deployed a system comprising of Electro-Optical (EO) and video analytics with an intelligent vessel filtering algorithm on a single platform to help CAAS to manage multiple sites (airports) with one operator. The in-house developed video EO system accurately detects the vessel height 24/7 (Patent pending). The precise calibration of the EO system and components  provided real-time updates to the air traffic control centre to warn low-flying aircraft of high vessels which may be in their flight path.

The impact

•Reduced manpower/resource–VHMS4 is designed to measure vessels from 3 sites with only one operator on duty (In the past, one operator is required for each site)
•Improved workflow and operational safety as well as heighten situation awareness by up to 95% via the intelligent vessel filtering algorithm
•Improved operational efficiency - reduced measurement time from 1 min to 3 sec
•Reduced key component repair downtime from 6 months to 2 days
•Reduced operating costs by more than 30%

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