Published: Dec 14, 2023

making a difference in a remote village and paving the way for digital agriculture

NCS partnered a renown telco to help the local authority to transform its administration services and boost the  agriculture business of a village in China. We conducted in-depth analysis, implemented an all-in-one cloud-based management application to bridge the urban-rural divide and digital infrastructure. The Smart Village App enabled the introduction of new services that are tailored to villagers’ needs, such as farm-to-table supply, and tracing services of its agricultural products. The implementation of the App pave the way for the economic revitalisation and sustainable development of rural areas.

The challenge:

The local authority wants to adopt digital agriculture. However, they needed to establish an efficient connectivity network, digital infrastructure, data models and a robust management system to integrate the villagers into the industrial chain.

The solution:

The all-in-one cloud-based Smart Village App introduces new services tailored to the villagers’ needs. It also unified the village’s public services, enhanced administration & security management systems as well as the speed of communication through the improved connectivity and accessibility to new channels.

Snapshot of capabilities:

  • Intelligent video analytics, machine learning algorithms for prediction, people profiling, human traffic flow management and object indexing

The impact:

  • Unified management resulting in improved governance efficiency, streamlined work processes and digitalised service capabilities
  • Enhanced security management that provide event alerts to the community.
  • Ease and speed of communication through WeChat mini program, which can conduct broadcasts and survey.

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