Published: Jan 09, 2023

helping Australian tourism bounce back

Delivering Mobility Intelligence to support Australian Tourism Industry

Crisis events such as bushfires and pandemics have  significantly affected Australia’s tourism industry. NCS worked with TRA to deliver mobility intelligence to monitor and assess the impact of these crisis events on Tourism,  and enabled recovery strategies to get tourism and businesses back on track.

The challenge:

During the summer of 2019/2020 bushfires, the Australian tourism regions faced unprecedented damage and disruption, leading to a significant drop in visitor numbers and negatively impacted tourism related businesses. The Australian government needed reliable and granular data driven insights to assess the impact effect of these events to help formulate and prioritise its recovery and investment efforts.

The solution:

Leveraging on NCS DSpark’s mobility data, the DSpark team of data scientists analysed and assessed the international and domestic visitations of all  bushfires affected tourism regions. DSpark delivered insights on the impact of the bushfires on the tourism economy. Subsequently, TRA subscribed to DSpark’s mobility data as service APIs to directly access near real-time data intelligence to monitor, report and perform on-going domestic and international tourism visitation analysis.

Snapshot of capabilities:

  • Near real-time monitoring of domestic and International travel
  • Australia wide granular data insights that align to WW Tourism definitions and metrics
  • Tourism profiling & segmentations

The impact:

Tapping on NCS’ technology and data, TRA can better measure, track performance and help to grow Australia’s tourism industry.

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