Published: Feb 09, 2024

entering the metaverse – the future of banking

The Metaverse Revolution is set to reshape industries, banking included, unlocking fresh possibilities for immersive customer interactions and cutting-edge financial services. In collaboration with NCS, a local bank has embarked on its digital transformation journey by implementing a series of virtual experiences, ensuring readiness for the evolving landscape of customer engagement and financial services in the metaverse.

The challenge:

As the Metaverse was a relatively new concept, businesses and organisations needed to fully understand it in order to leverage on its opportunities, capabilities, and to provide the best solutions and services for their customers.

The solution:

A local bank worked with NCS to develop multiple virtual experiences to explore and learn about the Metaverse. They enhanced the onboarding process for new employees, conducted townhall meetings, organised festivals using digital twins of booths, shared knowledge and organisational updates across geographical and time-zone barriers, and utilised gamified platforms – hosting over 1,000 staff in total.

Snapshot of capabilities:

  • Virtual exhibits, leaderboards, videos, games, livestreams, and booths
  • Curation, configuration, and population of 2D/3D background and content
  • Token economy, NFT auctions, and private blockchain transactions
  • Interactions with digital products and virtual service staff

The impact:

By experiencing the wonders of the Metaverse for themselves, organisations are more equipped to serve their customers who wish to expand into it. Stakeholders in turn are more engaged with the organisation, leading to more effective knowledge and goals sharing. The platform also serves as a showcase for potential customers, opening the organisation up to more opportunities and leads.

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