Published: Jun 09, 2022

elevating the customer experience in the next normal

NCS collaborated with one of the government agencies in 2018 to implement a Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS) that will offer 360° visibility of the consumer journey.

The challenge:

Our client had to sort through tons of emails, toggling between systems and multiple tabs within their old CRMS system to get customers’ details and manual collation of statistics using Excel sheets.

The solution:

The brainchild of NCS and our client, the ‘customised platform’ was developed to manage all emails, streamline and optimise interfaces with the mainframe to enable a 360° view on customers’ details, automate calculation and tracking of SLAs, and generating customised reporting and stats on the fly. The solution also provides our client with the option to enable CRMS design to be more customer-centric by factoring in the experience and journey of the customer base it is serving. This will further add to the capabilities of CRMS to anticipate customers’ needs and prepare their customer service officers to be more proactive in serving them.

Snapshot of capabilities:

  • NCS’ proposed solution is capable of aggregating customer data, providing omnichannel, unifying customer service applications, automating and streamlining customer service activities, and more, in a robust manner without sacrificing performance. 

  • NCS developed a Unified desktop view to manage all emails, streamline and optimise information interfaces with the mainframe to enable 360 ° views on customer details, automate calculation and tracking of SLAs, and generate customised reporting & stats on the fly.

The impact:

As part of our client’s internal revamp, the key impact is that cases are routed quicker with fewer issues of case files or notes being lost due to manual handling. The solution enabled their customer service officers to provide prompt and responsive services, achieving 91% of cases automatically created in the system. It also automates and streamlines business processes, achieving 60% time reduction in case management of customers' requests.


“Thanks to NCS for walking through the transformation journey with us and for your tireless effort in ensuring the system was implemented smoothly.”

-  by NCS’s client - one of the government agencies

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