Published: Feb 20, 2023

digital transformation in rental market

Outdated and unsupported technology disallowed the existing Bonds Management System to be digitalised. Furthermore, the bond management processes were very manual, and paper based. Dialog, an NCS company, did an overhaul and delivered a fully digitalised and secured system for landlords and tenants to interact directly online. The system resulted in improved efficiencies in processes, and a better user experience for all.

The challenge:

The existing legacy back-office system for managing bonds was based on outdated and unsupported technology and could not be extended to provide online capabilities. The bond management processes were also paper based and required extensive manual processing. The result was a highly inefficient back-office process and very poor customer service.

The solution:

Dialog delivered a full application lifecycle project from requirements confirmation to deployment. The highly secured system provides extensive back-office functionality and online services that allow landlords and tenants to interact directly with the system without the need for paper forms. The project also included an entirely new hardware and software environment designed to sustain the application over years of operation and designed to be fully fault tolerant.

Snapshot of capabilities:

  • Usage of Microsoft technology stack including Windows SQL Server 2008 and multi-tier Microsoft .NET architecture
  • Supports mobile users

The impact:

There was greatly improved back-office efficiencies and a vastly better end user experience for staff as well as for tenants, landlords and agents.

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