Published: May 15, 2024

curating a seamless, delightful travel experience while enhancing cross-border security through smart technologies

Cutting-edge technologies are transforming the future of travel, with a focus on safety, security, and enhancing the traveller experience. NCS has played a key role in a prominent airport project to introduce an innovative Intermodal Bonded Bus service that integrates multiple smart technologies like IoT sensors, AI, Video Analytics and GPS tracking. Mainland travellers can now access more international flights via Hong Kong without going through check-ins, customs and immigration again. Security is also bolstered with video data analysis and GPS tracking to authenticate drivers and vehicles entering and leaving restricted areas. This solution reduces costs, improves efficiency through automation, and fortified cross-border security. It marks a transformative step towards elevating travel experiences while prioritising safety and efficiency.

The challenge:

The client seeks to provide a seamless and delightful intermodal travel experience for transit passengers to and from Mainland China and the Greater Bay Area, eliminating the need for extra customs and immigration procedures. 

The solution:

The all-in-one system solution analyses video data to authenticate drivers and vehicle license numbers, using IOT sensors and real-time bus location tracking to ensure secured bonded bus trips from start to end, both in restricted areas and on public roads. 

Snapshot of capabilities:

  • NCS Intelligent Video Analytics (NIVA) - AI facial recognition, vehicle license plate recognition, IoT platform 

The impact: 

  • Helping more than 2,000 travellers daily cut at least 4 hours travel time by avoiding public transportation (depending on their location) and customs & immigration procedures through an Integrated Cross-border System.
  • If mainland travellers have connecting flights at their previous choice of airport in the GBA, it can save up to 48 hours or more travel time - Reduced baggage checking and passengers’ waiting time, and eliminated the need for customs and immigration procedures.
  • Enhanced border security – The system monitors the bus until it reaches the airport or ports in China, ensuring a secure and bonded end-to-end trip.  

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