Published: Jan 11, 2024

co-creating innovative transport solutions

We partnered with Land Transport Authority (LTA) to develop an open innovation platform that paves the way for enterprises and individuals to collaborate and co-create transport solutions of the future. 

The challenge:

The need to innovate is especially important as Singapore’s urban complexion continues to evolve, and our data-driven, digital-first world offers unprecedented opportunities for the public sector to design and deliver innovative services.

The solution:

NCS partnered with LTA to develop an open, static and dynamic dataset and API platform known as the LTA DataMall. This open innovation platform gives users access to a wealth of real-time transport data in an accessible, easy-to-use portal, served out via APIs. 

Snapshot of capabilities:

  • High-volume API gateway
  • Transportation Datasets
  • Ecosystem Powering Transportation Applications

The impact:

As an open innovation platform, the LTA DataMall paves the way for researchers, startups, and businesses to translate a variety of static, dynamic or real-time datasets, and a high-volume API gateway to prototype, iterate, and launch data-driven public transport services. With transport playing a vital role in Smart Nation, DataMall represents a big step forward in fostering innovation and enabling everyone to make smarter and smoother journeys.  

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