Published: Jan 11, 2024

bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds

Bridges are a critical part of our infrastructure, connecting cities and facilitating businesses; however, maintaining them is a complex task. NCS helped our client harness digital twins and emerging technologies to revolutionize the management of a renowned suspension bridge. We developed a unified IoT-based platform to integrate safety protocols and standard operation procedures and leverage digital twin technology to analyse data to provide a real-time overview of the bridge's health and predict potential issues while maintaining environmental standards. When the digital twin detects a potential issue, it sends an alert to the ground officer via a customized mobile app, enabling the operator to respond swiftly to issues. By detecting problems early and automating them, the platform enables our client to reduce manpower costs by 40%, increase issue reporting accuracy, and increase maintenance and operation efficiency by 65%.

The challenge:

Bridges are subject to wear and tear, very often the problems are not visible to the naked eye or may occur in areas that are difficult to access - if not addressed promptly, it can lead to serious safety issues. Hence, a solution that provides real-time information and detects problems that might be missed during regular inspections was required.

The solution:

NCS developed an IoT-based platform that integrates safety protocols, standard operation procedures and digital twin technology. This enabled our client to receive real-time overview of the bridge's health. When it identifies a potential issue that needs immediate attention, alerts will be sent to the ground officer via a customised mobile app on their mobile device. This allows the operator to respond swiftly to incidents, reduce manpower cost and increase operation efficiency to ensure public safety.

Snapshot of capabilities:

Predictive analytics, Digital twin, IOT and intelligent platform.

The impact:

By detecting problems early, the platform enhanced public safety and reduced costs. Our client can now schedule repairs in advance, leading to significant cost savings - reducing manpower costs by 40%, increasing issue reporting accuracy, maintenance and operation efficiency by 65% while contributing to sustainability.

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