Solace helps large enterprises become modern and real-time by giving them everything they need to make their business operations and customer interactions event-driven. With PubSub+, the market’s first and only event management platform, the company provides a comprehensive way to create, document, discover and stream events from where they are produced to where they need to be consumed – securely, reliably, quickly, and guaranteed. Behind Solace technology is the world’s leading group of data movement experts, with nearly 20 years of experience helping global enterprises solve some of the most demanding challenges in a variety of industries – from capital markets, retail, and gaming to space, aviation, and automotive.

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Establishing Event Driven Architecture for realtime, guaranteed data movement deployment in hybrid environments

Partnering since 2016, NCS and Solace are mutual strategic partners. Through this partnership, NCS and Solace have worked on multiple areas that include IoT in sectors like Aviation, Land, Sea and Defense, FSI and commercial. NCS provides in-depth domain knowledge and unique capabilities that create business value for customers, and collaborates with Solace to offer consulting, systems development and integration, business process outsourcing, infrastructure management and solutions and technology solutions.

NCS and Solace joint whitepaper: Enabling the Age of Smart Cities with Event-Driven Architecture

In this joint paper, we look at how we enable Smart Cities by leveraging data and digital technology to make better decisions. Uncover how real-time data can be harnessed to monitor events as they unfold, understand how demand patterns are changing, and respond with faster and lower-cost solutions.


Partnering Solace to enable event-driven enterprise

NCS is proud to be a partner with Solace to provide real-time, event-driven data distributions across modern industries. Check out the video to discover how we have built an intelligent fleet management system to deliver a seamless bus commuter experience in the city.

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