NCS utilises DevSecOps to increase speed to market by centralising, automating and governing application development

Increase speed to market

Conventional practices place development, operations and security into siloed responsibilities. Without mutual context, those practices form a culture that hinders collaboration between teams. Additional shortcomings of traditional software development practices include extended configuration duration of infrastructure, laborious deployment process, and inconsistent application behaviour between environments. All these lead to inefficiencies which slow speed to market.

DevSecOps offers an alternative approach to software development by integrating the once-distinct scopes of development, security and operations, promoting continuous feedback and continuous improvements. At its core, DevSecOps shifts culture and outdated practices to improve the application development process.

DevSecOps within NCS is a culture and a philosophy that is founded upon the following five cornerstones:

The five cornerstones of NCS DevSecOps:

  • Security: Minimise risks, cost and complexity by adopting a secure by design approach on application development and environments
  • Collaboration: Achieve unified communication between team members of different areas of expertise to address issues on operations and security
  • Delivery Process: Optimise performance by using standard processes that align different aspects of software development; and identifying areas of improvements
  • Automation: Enable organisations with tools and practices to advance their capabilities to adapt rapidly with resilience, accelerate efficiency and eliminate human errors
  • Environment: Deliver software with higher velocity and readily adapt to a growing, shrinking and maturing environment

In order to give our clients a head start and flexibility to adjust to various project requirements, we developed CODESparks.


CODESparks - an integrated platform that combines DevSecOps tools and industry best practices

CODESparks is an integrated DevSecOps platform that combines DevSecOps products and industry best practices. It centralises the governance of projects, tools and infrastructure, represents data into a single consolidated dashboard, and enhances integration between DevSecOps tools. With CODESparks, teams adopting Agile and DevSecOps best practices have a platform to support them throughout the delivery process, enabling better performance.

DevSecOps in AWS Cloud

NCS DevSecOps practice provides proven solution that covers on-premise and cloud deployments. We have successfully implemented many projects to accelerate organisation’s cloud adoption journey on AWS. We bring fundamental cultural changes in the way we collaborate and develop solutions to create business value. Our trained DevSecOps professionals design customised solutions and processes based on AWS technology to suit the project and customer’s business needs.

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Albert Ooi

Lead IT Architect, Applications Services

Albert Ooi

Lead IT Architect, Applications Services

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