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Posted on Dec 15, 2023

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Tristan Sternson, Global Co-lead, NEXT
Dr Lim Hoon Wei, Principal Director, Cyber Special Ops-R&D, NCS

Episode Description

This episode of 'Make Tomorrow Secure' delves into the critical issues of cybersecurity in the age of rapid technological advancement with our guest, NCS' Dr Lim Hoon Wei. 

The conversation focuses on the vital need for data protection, beginning with an analysis of the pervasive threat of phishing attacks. Highlighting how these deceptively simple attacks have evolved with AI advancements, we emphasize the necessity for stronger defensive strategies.

Transitioning into cloud security, we examine the challenges of safeguarding data in cloud environments, given the increasing dependency on these platforms for storing sensitive information. The discussion navigates the complex balance between security, efficiency, and usability, underscoring the importance of developing holistic cybersecurity solutions.

A key segment of the episode explores the impact of quantum computing on cybersecurity, discussing its potential to disrupt traditional encryption methods. We address the need for quantum-safe cybersecurity measures and the proactive steps being taken in this domain. 

Wrapping up, the episode offers a forward-looking perspective on the future of cybersecurity, considering the influence of emerging technologies like generative AI. This episode of 'Make Tomorrow Secure' is a must-listen for anyone seeking to navigate and understand the intricate and evolving landscape of digital security.

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