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Posted on Mar 29, 2024

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Tristan Sternson, Global Co-lead, NEXT
Angus Stevens, CEO and co-founder, Start Beyond

Episode Description

In this episode of Make Tomorrow, our hosts dive into the fascinating world of emerging technologies and their potential to transform everyday experiences. From the music industry's ever-expanding genres to the future of shopping, the conversation explores how technology is not just evolving but splintering into niche applications tailored for specific needs. One highlight includes an imaginative scenario where digital avatars change the way we try on clothes, eliminating the inconveniences of traditional fitting rooms and making shopping more efficient and enjoyable. The episode promises an insightful discussion on finding the perfect pair of jeans through technology and more, showcasing the limitless possibilities of innovation in making our daily lives more convenient and enjoyable. Join us as we unravel the future of technology and its impact on the simplest to the most complex aspects of living in the modern world.

Angus Stevens is a Sydney-based father of two, CEO and co-founder of award-winning, internationally recognised VR and AR studio Start Beyond which was named in the Top 10 2023 AFR Most Innovative Tech Companies as well as in the Top 20 Australian Startup Employers.

Angus was also named a 2023 Australian Top 50 Small Business Leader, and was a guest speaker at SXSW Sydney where he officially launched the Australian Metaverse Advisory Council (AMAC) of which he is Chair and cofounder.

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