NCS Nomad

Not your ordinary remote working initiative.

NCS Nomad

NCS Nomad is not just any ordinary overseas remote working initiative. Thanks to our regional offices, our people can work from a familiar location when travelling in an unfamiliar city. Nomad is driven by the ultimate aim of uniting our people and sparking human connections across borders, cultures and time zones.  

Driven by the global People and Culture team, Nomad is a one of a kind initiative which showcases the specialty and hospitality of each NCS office, while allowing visitors to experience a different way of work and life that is still uniquely NCS. Best of all, Nomad can be woven into our people's personal trips and holidays, achieving harmony between work and life.

Nomad benefits

Build lasting connections

Network with global colleagues and cultivate meaningful relationships - lifelong allies, mentors and friends. Be exposed to a kaleidoscope of perspectives, insights and expertise.

Enjoy remote working

Achieve work-life harmony through flexible work arrangements.

Unleash extraordinary experiences

Immerse yourself in diverse cultures and new surroundings. Gain fresh inspiration that transcends geographical boundaries.

Wayfaring stories

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