Jennifer Palmer | Contract Transformation & Risk Management

Safeguarding NCS' legal commitments with bold, careful strokes

Posted on Dec 18, 2020

Protecting Legal Commitments and Resolving Issues

Jennifer brings a wealth of legal experience to the role, having practised in law firms and served in in-house legal departments for over 20 years. Her experience includes advising on legal and compliance issues across Asia Pacific and managing teams in the ASEAN region in the leadership positions she has held. She has travelled extensively across US, Europe and Asia Pacific working with people across the globe.

As Senior Director, Contract Transformation and Risk Management in NCS, Jennifer advises on legal and contractual obligations regarding significant issues in transactions and projects while applying commercial acumen and sound judgement. She enjoys her current role which enables her to use her legal skills in a commercial environment, particularly in the IT industry as it is innovative and the possibilities for the future are impactful.  

Jennifer troubleshoots legal difficulties and devises practical solutions by considering different perspectives, while always keeping in mind strategic objectives including bringing value to clients. She is keen on collaborating with the business teams to achieve positive outcomes while protecting the legal and compliance interests of the organisation. She is also focused on creating knowledge capital, implementing tools and streamlining processes to facilitate compliance and business efficacy.

Paving the Way For a Level Playing Field and Team Building

As a staunch supporter of equality in terms of socioeconomic and political rights, Jennifer headed a committee which organised an International Women’s Day Event and had also participated in panel discussions among leaders to advance equality in the workplace. With greater fairness as a goal, Jennifer strives to empower others and motivate change in society.

Jennifer enjoys building up teams and helping her team members to be successful, benefiting both the individual and the organisation. She strives to be a positive force empowering others’ growth and to spur creativity, resourcefulness and analytical skills within her team.  She cherishes the people she works with and is passionate about building capability as well as mentoring and motivating her team.     

Paying Attention to Strategy, Details and Upholding Values

In her spare time, she enjoys exploring different countries and experiencing different cultures, reading, yoga, swimming and cycling. Jennifer is an art lover and painter inspired by creativity and design. Just as Jennifer carefully applies the detailed and colourful strokes of her brush to her canvas, she is similarly detail-oriented in her work while having an overall strategic perspective.

Jennifer values integrity and empathy and having a positive outlook. She admires the late Nelson Mandela, as a leader who stood up for his principles — even while facing overwhelming challenges She fondly quotes Mr Mandela: "A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."

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