Chris Fleischmann | Lead Solution Architect

Shaping your digital journey with an inventive mind

Posted on Oct 21, 2020

Early Start in Tech

Chris's passion for programming started in his teenage years. At age 12, he taught himself to code with C, by 18 when Java was still in its infancy. Despite this promising start, his career was thrown into question following a major head-on collision which resulted in memory loss. After the accident, Chris, then 21, had to decide what to do with his life, knowing he faced the daunting prospect of having to start from scratch. Fortunately, his perseverance paid off. Getting quickly back in the game using his Java skills at a small company, he was talent-spotted and was soon giving keynote speeches about Java across Asia. This ability to self-start and tenaciously adopt new technology has shaped Chris to be who he is today as he takes on the role of the Lead Solution Architect in NCS Australia.

Architecting Modern Cloud Solutions

As a passionate technologist, he was naturally drawn to the cloud as an opportunity for companies to break free of the limitations of traditional server-based computing. Over the years, Chris has helped large enterprises in Australia, New Zealand and Asia such as Korea in their cloud transition journey, guiding clients from the telecommunications, technology banking, and utilities sectors. At NCS, Chris’s mission is to build a team of solution architects who will raise the bar and elevate architecture practices. Tapping on his extensive experience in cloud technology, Chris will assemble and lead a cloud architecture team at NCS to develop modern cloud solutions that are central and relevant to today’s business environment.

Looking Beyond Tech with a New Team

Sparking innovation with a team of forward-thinking architects, Chris brings together technical specialists who can look beyond technology to help clients overcome their business challenges through the value that technology brings. Combined with the formidable experience in the public cloud that his team possesses, Chris and his team are ready to help clients take the leap into their next phase of transformation.

Comparing solution architecture to brick-and-mortar architecture and construction, the team sees all the details of the construction being tailored to the specifications of the client. Every step is closely matched to the client’s needs both during and after construction, and the final solution is managed by the solution architects to ensure that it meets its purpose.

Aspiring to be a "player coach" who leads by walking the talk, Chris welcomes constructive arguments among his team players so as to conceive the best solutions for the clients.

An innovator who frequently dreams of time-travelling, Chris’s passion for sustainable living has motivated him to invent a fan-less wind turbine which he hopes one day to bring to fruition.

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