Kuah Ee Peng

NCS - 2000 to 2016

Ee Peng began her journey in NCS as a Manager in Marketing and Development, Global Competency (Oracle) and went on through the years as Account Manager and eventually Account Director (Education).

A few words from Ee Peng on her career in NCS and her hopes for the Alumni Programme:

“It is in NCS, I discovered my talent for Sales. Looking back, it was daunting especially for a non-ICT (Information Communication and Technology) qualified person to work in NCS. However, because of what NCS is, I have been very lucky to have had wonderful managers who generously groomed my ICT Sales abilities. It is here, I achieved my Everest and I am proud to have colleagues who I now consider my friends. Truly humbled that NCS Alumni is giving me the chance to contribute as a committee member.

I aspire for the NCS Alumni Programme to be a place for NCS’sians to gather and share their NCS experiences so that the highlights of NCS can be brought to life. It serves as an oasis, where everyone can dedicate time out to pause and to interact with one another – renewing and building ties for everyone. I am privileged and honoured to be part of the first team builders to strengthen the NCS identity.”

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