Ying Shaowei

Chief Scientist of NCS

Ying Shaowei is currently Senior Partner and the Chief Scientist of NCS. As the inaugural Chief Scientist, he coordinates the efforts of our centres of innovation and centres of excellence. He builds a global network of technology experts and research institutions which NCS could call upon to accelerate our client development and delivery work.

Shaowei champions selected innovation programs or practices by providing executive sponsorship and directing investment funding. He also provides advice to the NCS corporate strategy on new potential market spaces and technology trends to invest and innovate in. Equally important is Shaowei’s role to develop the Voice of NCS on emerging technologies and help to radiate NCS' long-term perspectives on important technology topics that impact businesses.

Prior to his appointment as NCS’ Chief Scientist, he was one of the original founders of DataSpark, a Big Data analytics and insights company which leverages a variety of datasets and technologies to address geo-spatial needs across industries. Shaowei has led the organisation since its inception in 2014 and has been responsible for the rapid growth of the organisation throughout the Singapore and Asia-Pacific region. During his time as Chief Operating Officer, Shaowei led the expansion of the DataSpark brand into Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia from 2014 – 2017. Shaowei was also responsible for helping to deliver important initial projects for the organisation such as performing an event analysis on the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix, providing real-time analysis of the 2016 Singapore National Day Parade and producing insights into visitation to Changi Airport.

Shaowei has extensive experiences in various industries and businesses. Prior to DataSpark, he was Singtel’s Head of Strategy and Analytics in Singtel Group Digital Life. He was also an Associate Principal in McKinsey with expertise in strategy and marketing, and an industry focus in the telecommunications and high-tech sectors. He was the Deputy Director in Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry, where he gained experience in international trade policy, including bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations and macroeconomic analysis.

Shao Wei holds a Master of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) from Imperial College London, a Master of Science (Financial Engineering) from National University of Singapore and a Master of Business Administration, Finance and Marketing from the Wharton School.

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