Published: Sep 06, 2020

tracking the life cycle of vehicles

Vehicle Registration & Licensing System (VRLS)

From purchasing a car to scrapping it, the Vehicle Registration & Licensing System (VRLS) has got the lifecycle of vehicle management covered. Introduced by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore in 2006, VRLS connects motor agents, government agencies and industry players such as insurance, hire purchase and financial institutions to provide a one-stop information and services hub for the motoring ecosystem.

For land transport, the future goes beyond building roads or creating a well-connected transport network. It is about total transport management to ensure sustainability and the creation of positive travel experiences for public and private transport users.

In line with this, NCS has been developing and maintaining systems that make it easier and more convenient for members of the public to interact or transact with government agencies on transport-related matters. Examples include the online Certificate of Entitlement Open Bidding System and the Vehicle Registration & Licensing System.

VRLS - Seamless vehicle lifecycle management for motorists and businesses

The VRLS enables motorists and businesses to perform vehicle-related business transactions from the convenience of their homes and offices, using a secure e-commerce platform that incorporates electronic authentication and automated financial and compliance regulatory checks. With VRLS, a road tax renewal can be completed with a few clicks of the mouse instead of having to travel to LTA to queue up for counter service. Car owners will also have all their vehicle-related transactions displayed in a single view which they can access easily and conveniently over the Internet.

The self-help capabilities of VRLS have benefited LTA as well, allowing it to re-deploy its counter staff to higher-value customer service roles. Built for scalability, VRLS allows new online technologies to be plugged easily into the system, facilitating enhancements and upgrades.

Over the past few years, major enhancements to VRLS included the integration of the Vehicle Inspection and Type Approval System, the implementation of a traffic offences portal, the introduction of electronic day licences and proactive notification of payments due.

This article was first published in NCS SG50 Book “Technology Evolution”, 2015 (NLB BRN:201353230)

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