become an intelligence driven organisation with data and AI

Master data and AI to fuel for your business through informed decisions and improved customer experiences.

Mastery of data and AI is the new competitor advantage

Data platforms need to handle the volume, manage the diversity and deliver the velocity of data processing expected in an intelligence driven business. We have the big data and data science expertise to partner you as turn data into insights and AI applications that can scale.

Data platforms

Building robust data platforms for seamless collection, storage, and analysis of large-scale datasets.

Data governance

Implementing policies and processes to ensure data integrity, security, and compliance across the organization.

Data integration

Seamlessly connecting disparate data sources to enable comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making.

Data engineering

Architecting and optimizing data pipelines to enable efficient data processing and analysis.

Data visualisation

Transforming complex data into meaningful insights through intuitive visual representations.

Realtime analytics

Enabling instant insights and informed decision-making through real-time data analysis.


Data maturity assessment

Evaluating an organisation's data capabilities across various dimensions to assess maturity levels and inform strategic data initiatives.

Data platform roadmap

Charting a strategic roadmap for data platform development to align with business objectives and drive innovation.

AI + ML strategy/PoC

Developing AI and ML strategies and proof of concepts to leverage data insights for business growth and innovation.


Our partners

Acronis unifies data protection and cybersecurity, delivering cyber protection that solves safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges. Acronis offers antivirus, backup, disaster recovery, endpoint protection management solutions, and award-winning AI-based anti-malware and blockchain-based data authentication technologies through service provider and IT professional deployment models. These solutions protect data, applications, and systems in any environment.

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