Managed Services

Delivering reliable and efficient management of technology resources and services to optimise operations and sustain digital transformation.

Unlocking Efficiency

Our managed services provide comprehensive support for your IT infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, security, and reliability across all aspects of your digital operations.

Cloud Managed Services

Monitor and manage your cloud environments encompassing CloudOps, FinOps, DevOps and Hybrid cloud management.

Managed Data Service

End-to-end management of your enterprise data storage, data processing, data visualisation, data integration, data back-up and recovery.

Application Managed Services

Full stack application management of mobile and legacy applications, including application migration and modernisation.

Managed Testing Services

Comprehensive coverage of testing and quality assurance across regression testing, performance testing, systems integration, and penetration and cyber testing.

Managed Digital Workspace Services

Supporting end users across mobile device management, virtual desktop management, end point device management, and collaboration tools management.

Managed Security Services

End-to-end security managed services across Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS), endpoint security and vulnerability management.



Optimising financial operations in cloud environments for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Product recommendations AI

Utilising AI algorithms to personalise and optimise product recommendations for enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.

Digital twin accelerator

We design, build, manage and operate digital twins that integrate with your data and AI platforms.

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