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From healthcare to media & tech, we help various industries harness innovation and digital technology to power their future.

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Discover NCS' Strategic Business Group, propelling innovation and progress across public sectors, enterprise growth, and telecommunications. Together, we pioneer solutions, shape smart cities, and lead industries into the future.

Public Sector

By placing people at the heart of our innovation, we help governments digitalise the core of public services, empowering citizens to live, work and play better.

Financial Services

From banking to insurance, payments and capital markets, next-gen technology and innovation will transform how financial services institutions can elevate their customer interaction and bring global trade to the next level.

Transport & Logistics

Whether land, sea or air, we harness data and next-gen technology to connect people and the world - faster, safer, and more responsibly.


Healthcare touches all of our lives and is vital to our communities. We harness technology to engage patients, establish new care settings & enhance care delivery for a healthier future.

Retail & Consumer

Revamping retail experiences with omnichannel strategies, personalised recommendations, and seamless checkout processes to delight consumers and drive loyalty in a dynamic marketplace.

Energy & Utilities

Optimising energy and utilities operations through smart grid technologies, IoT sensors, and predictive analytics to enhance efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in power generation and distribution.

Case studies

Our case studies showcasing our ICT solutions and the value we bring to business across various industries and enterprises.

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