Published: Oct 27, 2021

robotic retail powered by 5G

Delivering a new retail experience

5G can enable a new kind of hybrid workplace where robots, virtual assistants and humans complement each other to deliver enhanced customer experience. NCS delivered such a retail experience, staffed by a robot that talks to the security system and a virtual assistant integrated with check-in kiosks – all 5G-powered for extraordinarily fast response.

The challenge:

We helped Singtel successfully launch ‘Singtel UNBOXED’, its next-gen retail environment and live customer experience laboratory. With Singtel 5G coming online post-launch, NCS was asked to explore innovative ways to demonstrate the speed and power of the new network, while enhancing the customer experience.

The solution:

Meet the friendly Concierge Robot; and helpful Virtual Assistant built into the store’s check-in kiosks. Both are connected via Singtel’s superfast 5G, helping them communicate and respond to customer needs extraordinarily quickly. Stanley is also integrated with the store’s Sentinel security system to help detect and manage any visitors running a fever or not observing safe distancing measures.

Snapshot of capabilities:

A roving robot uses facial recognition to share personalised recommendations

Robotics intelligence platform integrates security, safety and customer service

Super-low-latency 5G speeds up robot’s communication and response to customers’ needs

The impact

The Concierge Robot and Virtual Assistant demonstrate the power and potential of 5G to add life to retail – not just in a controlled demonstration, but in a real store packed with real people. Customers visiting Singtel UNBOXED can now enjoy a safe and secure unmanned retail experience, any time of the day – with added fast, fresh and fuss-free service from Stanley and Stella.

“The future of retail is here and now… Instant, convenient and experiential… integrates online and offline touchpoints for a fast, fresh, fuss-free buying experience.”

- Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO Consumer Singapore, Singtel (2020)

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