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Dynamics 365 Business Central/ NAV, Power Platform


Public Sector

Published: Jul 09, 2024


The challenge

The challenges Miwatj faced were twofold: First, they faced a significant challenge in meeting demanding reporting requirements, which severely hindered their ability to provide accurate and timely reports to management. Secondly, budgetary struggles compounded these difficulties.

Miwatj sought a business partner to serve as a consultant, offering expertise not only in addressing the aforementioned challenges but also functioning as a strategic advisor on business processes, specifically in the context of leveraging their financial system for resolution.

The solution:

NCS initiated a transformative solution for Miwatj, commencing with a seamless support transition. This transition was followed by a comprehensive strategic review that established the bedrock for a finely tailored framework. The support provided by NCS not only adeptly addressed Miwatj's immediate needs but also strategically positioned them for long-term financial success. Consequently, Miwatj now possesses the capability to meet their reporting requirements with pinpoint accuracy and effectively manage budgets, ensuring the delivery of precise and timely reports to management.

Furthermore, NCS recently orchestrated the upgrade of Miwatj to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, ushering in a new era of enhanced financial operations and adaptability.

The impact:

As a result of the transformative solution implemented by NCS, Miwatj has experienced a profound positive impact on their financial operations. The seamless support transition and tailored framework have not only addressed immediate challenges but have strategically positioned Miwatj for long-term financial success. Miwatj can now meet their reporting requirements with unparalleled accuracy, effectively manage budgets, and consistently deliver precise and timely reports to their management.

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