Published: Sep 16, 2022

ensuring vital care gets to those who need it

As part of a state government’s healthcare body’s critical mission in support of the health and wellbeing of its communities, it has been running a comprehensive and wide ranging system for managing the delivery of mental health services. This system was built under contract by Dialog and deployed initially in 2008. Operating in a very dynamic professional and technical environment and requiring frequent incremental and major enhancements to meet evolving business needs, the application is supported by Dialog’s team of systems specialists working closely with the healthcare body’s professionals.

Prior to the development and deployment of the system, there were three existing mental health applications which were considered outdated to use and therefore a clinical risk to consumers and patients. In contrast, the new application provides a single, state-wide system, ensuring continuity of care to consumers via higher quality idata, improved user efficiency and resulting greater community safety. In delivering the project, Dialog implemented major modules including: Consumer, Administration, Caseload Management, Diagnosis, Mental Health Act compliance, Non-consumer Related Activities, Outcomes, Provision of Service Contracts, Referral Episodes and Service Episodes.

Dialog’s development project, valued in millions of dollars and spanning several year’s duration, built and integrated the application on a fixed price basis and delivered all outcomes on time and budget. Following the development project, Dialog has continued to support and enhance the application via a Managed Service under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a mature change management process for enhancements.

This article was first published in Dialog

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