Published: Jul 09, 2024

NCS Australia sponsors Smart Cities Week APAC, with our technology experts to spotlight possibilities with digital, data and AI for smart cities

NCS Australia is proud to be sponsoring Smart Cities Council’s (SCC’s) inaugural Smart Cities Week APAC event from 5-9 August in Adelaide.

“Smart Cities Week APAC brings together the leading global policymakers, thought leaders, academics, researchers, philanthropists and corporations to build capability, capacity and cross-sector collaboration to deliver global positive social, environmental and economic outcomes,” said Corey Gray, Global President of Smart Cities Council. 

There will be in-depth sessions presented by our team, with NCS Australia experts joining panels alongside business leaders, asset owners, operators and partners, sharing industry and sector insights across water, energy, healthcare and transport, and spotlighting use cases and possibilities for adopting digital solutions and artificial intelligence for smart cities. 

“Our team look forward to sharing insights and their experiences working across Australia to support the adoption of smart cities technologies, which can help deliver efficiencies and improvements in services, contributing to the liveability and sustainability of our great Australian cities,” said Tony Bailey, Chief Client Officer, NCS Australia. 

“With a strong heritage supporting both public and private clients and a commitment to be close to our clients – including in Adelaide, where we have one of our seven Australian offices – NCS Australia is proud to be involved in Smart Cities Week APAC 2024.” 

This marquee global event is part of SCC’s annual Global Events Tour that includes Bogota, Kreutzlingen, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, New York, Auckland, Marrakech, Las Vegas, Tulum and Zurich in 2024. 

It will include a World Day, including representatives from various global trade and investment organisations internationally. Additionally, SCC is bringing a first-of-its-kind global program focused on Indigenous communities and regional communities, featuring both youth engagement and charity and philanthropy tracks.  

Smart Cities Week APAC will take place across Adelaide’s premier innovation hubs, including Lot Fourteen, Adelaide BioMed City, Tonsley Innovation District and Edinburgh Defence Precinct, with attendees encouraged to connect, learn and collaborate about the future of smart cities.

“We could not be more pleased to be hosting the world in our hometown of Adelaide, which, along with South Australia, has so much to offer the world in technology and innovation,” said Mr Gray. 

NCS Australia’s speakers will include:

To register to attend, visit the Smart Cities Council website. 


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