Achieve zero business downtime with business continuity planning

Mitigating risks and activating proper contingencies when any disaster strikes

increase business resilience

To minimise any business impact during any crisis, you need to perform a comprehensive risk assessment of your critical business functions. The NCS BCRS team can help you establish a proper BCP/DRP to minimise your business downtime, safeguard your data and retain your customer confidence.

Secured WFH Solution

Empower your employees to work from anywhere, any device while maintaining good security posture and friendly user experience.

Managed DR Service

Recover your IT environment with confidence with our comprehensive DR Managed Services.

ServiceDesk Anywhere

Allow your agents to take calls from anywhere without compromising on quality so that you can continue delivering unparalleled customer service during any crisis.

One Command

Centralise and structure team communications during any disaster so that targeted and timely communication can be made.

Data Continuum

Full spectrum of data protection service to backup, archive, secure and recover our client's most precious asset - their data.

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Modernised Infrastructure with Multi-Cloud

Adopting a multi-cloud infrastructure will provide business with the needed agility, scalability and cost effectiveness to accelerate business digitalisation.

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Digital Operations

Are you modernising your IT operations for better agility to meet different business needs? Do you know it helps to improve visibility and response time to avoid costly disruptions and increase your employee productivity to drive new innovations.

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Modernised Network with Security

Traditional networks give complexities, and many organisations find it costly and hard to manage. You can modernise your network environment now for better agility, control and visibility!

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Digital Workforce

Modern workforce requires a great and collaborative digital workplace experience that provides freedom and empowerment without compromising security.

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Building your NEXT

Discover how you can re-calibrate and re-engineer your business with our NEXT generation services and solutions.

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Explore our full range of services that will enable enterprises to transform their business for the future.

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Talent Programme

Find out how you can advance your career in NCS.

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