Zhang Qiuying | Practice Lead, Project Leadership, Applications Service

Ensuring successful project implementation through teamwork

Posted on Apr 15, 2021

Striving For Success Despite The Odds

Qiuying has always had an innate fascination for computer systems and the applications that power them. Graduating from National University of Singapore with the Prize for Best Honours Student of the Year in Computer Science, Qiuying started out her career with Singapore Computer Systems, where for 7 years, she received invaluable training and built up a formidable skill set. Currently the Practice Lead for Project Leadership in Business Application Services, her tenacity and constant strive for excellence have seen Qiuying take on new challenges across various industries for the next 10 years, including healthcare, transport, insurance, and telecommunications. This drive for excellence can also be seen in her efforts to constantly upgrade herself. Qiuying has managed to juggle working motherhood with her efforts to achieve two Master's degrees in different domains, Master in Computer Science and Master in Business Administration (MBA).  

Supporting And Empowering Her Team

Qiuying believes in grooming her team members, with a focus on implementation from the ground up, overcoming challenges in managing people, financial and timelines. She is appreciative of the support from her team of project managers and directors, who share their best practices, help manage risk, provide guidance, and make others feel empowered. Qiuying counts one of her team's achievements to be the 3 gigabytes of source code that her teams have successfully written for a super complex, national-level project.

Values She Lives By

Qiuying shares the values that she has adopted in her goal to achieve success in the work she does. Firstly, she adopts a positive learning attitude by being willing to constantly learn and upgrade herself along her career journey. She believes that this will allow one to contribute to the combined success of the team. Secondly, Qiuying believes in teamwork. When approaching complex projects, working well and synergising with team members helps ensure the successful implementation of projects. Lastly, she believes in balancing both the soft skills of managing people with the hard skills of domain knowledge.

Qiuying’s motto in life is to "Work Hard, Play Harder", believing that the drive for professional and personal goals should be balanced and that one should enjoy the journey that they have embarked on.  To de-stress from work, she enjoys travelling across the globe, often to places vastly different from Singapore to immerse herself in different cultures.

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